Serving The South Shore since 1976
Residential and Commercial Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating

About Plymouth County Paving Since 1976

Gene Beliveau Sr.

Since 1976, Plymouth County Paving has been focused on becoming the South Shore's "Go-To-Paving Guys.
Our customers tell us how proud they are of their paving, even years later."
"On our scheduled day the crew showed up and like a well oiled machine, they started working on the driveway. What impressed me about the guys is that they treated my yard like it was their own. When the job was complete the only way anyone could tell you were here was the beautifuk driveway that you left behind. You have a very professional courteous crew and wonderful company. THANK YOU. "
Warren and Patty McGraw
Both commercial and residential driveways, parking lots and roadways our experienced team has installed and maintained asphalt surfaces pursuing excellence in quality for every customer.
Driveways, Parking Lots, Roadways
Since 1976, Plymouth County Paving offers fast service using only the finest materials at affordable prices.
Our continuing reviews demostrate our committment to excellent quality.

Plymouth County Paving has earned the highest reputation for quality and service.
Gene Jr. came onboard and Plymouth County Paving created a commercial division and expanded into commercial and small municipal projects. Also included was crack filling and sealcoating.

Plymouth County Paving can handle any job: Big or Small.
Gene says about his customers "They tell me that it looks different, it looks better than their neighbors." That means a lot. I can't go to a grocery store in Norwell, a gas station in Easton, or even a hardware store in Falmouth, without a customer recognizing me, and saying hello.
"I don't know, maybe I just like getting that phone call from someone that says, 'Hey, I have a problem with my driveway and I heard that you are the Go-To-Paving Guys. Are you available?"
"If I didn't like it, I wouldn't keep doing it. I still look forward to getting up every morning, meeting with customers,  both old and new, and seeing how we can meet another challenge, fill another need, solve another problem. And besides, I get do it all with my son, and maybe pretty soon with my grandsons. "And today is a great time to be in the paving industry: new technologies and procedures are developing, and I like being a part of something that's making a difference."
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